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You might have heard about “Artificial Intelligence” of Robots. But “Physical Intelligence”? Sounds something interesting for the Robot lovers.

Researchers are thinking to give all the human senses to the future robots and smart industrial machines which can work along wth human in a friendly atmosphere.

Artificial Intelligence is the brain for a robot.  Existing smart robots has the ability to recognize a human face or object and can solve any puzzle. But this is not enough to work human-friendly atmosphere. even they can’t manage their own body. But recent technology giving them more intelligence to handle their own body and sense the environment or the physical world around them, and learn new techniques from the environment based on what they see, feel and hear like a human baby.

Through various sensors, they are getting those facilities on them. for example, Tactile sensors used to give touch sense , cameras for sight sensing, microphones for hearing, Gyroscopes, accelerometer, tilt switch for body balancing.

Hope robot lovers are excited about human-friendly robot having physical intelligence with them.


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